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Smart Brands, LLC is a company focused on adapting technology to transform creative ideas into simple everyday solutions.


We at Smart Brands are engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products and turning them into enduring brands. We are building a strong foundation, of talent and culture, to provide quality products and world class customer service.

EyzGear™ is an innovation from Smart Brands, LLC and is created, designed and patented in the USA.

EyzGear™ is a unique and ingenious personal eyewear retention device. It’s an innovative design solution for securing all glasses to hats. The integrated design of EyzGear™ allows for any glasses to directly attach to hats and protect them from fall, loss and damage. It‘s sports inspired styling delivers comfort, protection and high-performance. The sleek product design and visual styling incorporates unique features and benefits based on valued customer insights. We offer many stock colors and a trendsetting design collection to personalize EyzGear™. The highly visible display area of EyzGear™ makes it a perfect accessory for customization to imprint any company’s logo or message.

EyzGear™ items can be refunded or replaced for any reason within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked! Click here to learn more about our Money Back 100% Guarantee Policy.


How to put on and use EyzGear™ ?

Please watch our Super Informative Instructional Video.

What is EyzGear™ Made of?

Super Strong Polycarbonate! (Originally designed for Captain America’s shield, not confirmed …)

How does it feel wearing EyzGear™?

Due to its sleek and compact design, it feels like a hole-in-one, the highest peak, and a pod of dolphins playing next to your kayak.

What if I want to change EyzGear™ to another hat and/or glasses?

EyzGear™ is super easy to remove and re-use with your favorite eyewear and headwear. No flailing around like a trapped fish or “#@%$*!” outbursts.

What headwear does it work with?

EyzGear™ works great with ‘baseball’ caps and sun visors. Seriously, that Peruvian knit thing doesn’t look good on you anyway.

What eyewear does it work with?

Any and all! Yes, even your Terminator glasses and the ones that look like golf balls. See this video for best practices with different eyewear arm sizes.

What is your return policy?

If you actually want to be the first person EVER in the HISTORY of EyzGear™ to EVER return one of our fine, high-performance, stylish products … I guess you could click this link return policy to get all the details about our Money Back 100% Guarantee – it’s a pretty amazing deal, though nobody ever uses it.



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